Hi! I'm Luz. My paintings are abstract watercolor and I live in Felton, near Santa Cruz between a forest and a river.  

I'm self-taught and have been making abstract geometric watercolors for 10 years. I'm inspired by the colors of trees, blue skies, and the ocean and the subtle feelings they can convey. I want to paint what the perfect sunset makes me feel. Living in Santa Cruz among the redwoods there's no shortage of color inspiration!

Each painting emerges and develops on its own. No plans.  No sketches. No goal. Just intuition. I set little traps and puzzles for myself. Then I create a marks around each element and try to find the best way the forms on the page can interact. 

Most of pieces are composed of many, many layers of color, sometimes up to 50. Depending on what the piece needs I may also use color pencil, or inks to complete the composition. For this reason even very small paintings may take weeks to complete. Sometimes they flow more quickly. 

Like my art?
I'll have a solo exhibition a L'Atelier in Santa Cruz in February. To receive an invitation for our opening event please sign up below: 


We love abstract art when it can capture what cannot be said in words.