Live Event Painting



Capture the magic of your event in abstract painting artwork created on the scene by Luz Donahue. Guests will watch as the essence of your event is captured into a vibrant abstract piece that transform as the event progresses. Each guest, the hosts and even the venue contribute to the work of art merely by their presence. Creating a unique experience and one of a kind piece of art with colors, textures and techniques inspired by the day.

Luz is available for live painting at weddings, outdoor festivals, corporate events, wineries, and more.

Live Painting FAQs

How does live painting enhance an event?

Good art makes you stop and stare at without truly knowing why. My hope is that adding live painting to an event invites an opportunity for guests to be shaken out of their normal every day existence and stirred by the art in a way that allows them to be more present and enjoy the occasion. It’s an opportunity to stop and think - or stop thinking altogether and feel the energy of the moment.

Do guests interact with the artist?

Absolutely. This is meant to be an interactive experience. You and your guests are encouraged to talk to Luz, engage in conversation and share your response to the piece as it develops. The artwork is fed by interacting with people while it’s being created. It’s a collaboration!

What’s happens to the painting at the end of the event?

It’s up to you, as the event planner. You may decide to keep the piece to be exhibited in your event space or home, offer it in a raffle to event attendees, or even create unique gift items that can be sent to event attendees as a keepsake.