Sark says we should have chats with our 'wise self' or higher self or God or that voice in my head that is left over when all the voices are quite. When it's time to be in the world, fully and deeply. Always reassuring. Always noticing. Always observing. Smarter than me.

What do you have to say to me today wise self?

You're doing fine. You already know what you want you just need the courage to say it. You need to own it and you know how you own things. It takes you time. Time you have and completely deserve.

Wise self, what is it that I want exactly?

Freedom. So does everyone. Freedom from the thing you perceive as a captor. Right now? Finances. Pain. Old wounds. New wounds. Boredom. Loneliness. These are your captors.

Notice anything? Like maybe the fact that everyone you know has felt this way at some point. Trapped in one of these prisons. Broken. Scared. Feeling Helpless.

What should I do next wise self?

Love yourself. Accept yourself the way you see others accepting you. Get there, the rest will follow after. You know. You just need to feel. You're a feeler. Feel the shit out of everything around and lean into the whispers of the river and the air. Lean into your inclinations more bravely. Stay away from anything that might make you act unlike yourself. Don't shut down.

Open up. Be you everywhere.

In summary: We're all crazy and I need to feel my shit.