Some of my favorite pieces have been client commissions.

In part, I think because it’s such an exciting challenge (and truly an honor) to help translate someone else’s moment(s) into a work of art. Whether I’m working from a picture, a poem, a story, a song, or even a dream remembered.

While I hope you enjoy the paintings I’ve shown and shared with you here, I do understand that sometimes what you’re looking for is so personal, so unique that it can only come about through a commissioned work.

Commission clients may share photos or imagery with me from just about anywhere with a focus on nearly anything; from business data to a favorite pair of shoes. It honestly doesn't matter what it is. The impetus and the end-goal both belong to client. The commissioned painting isn’t about me, it’s about you. It’s not my conduit, it’s yours. I’m your actor, your translator, your talisman. Color and canvas are our prayers.

If you’d like to discuss working together on a commission piece, please contact me with your thoughts and ideas. Your request doesn’t have to be technical, you don’t have to ‘know anything’ about art to commission a piece.


I look forward to creating the work of art you’ve been craving, together.

There may be a moment in your life, or someone else’s, that you wish to commemorate. Perhaps you’d like a fresh interpretation on a treasured photograph. Or maybe you just want to commission an abstract painting of a certain size with a certain colorway and a certain mood.

Custom Painting Deposit

Reserve your spot in my queue for a custom painting commission.

Once your payment is received I will contact you via email to schedule a phone consultation. We’ll spend about 30 minutes discussing your project. I’ll follow up via email to request photos, colors, symbols, and images that carry meaning for you and will help me craft your painting.

Once I’ve received all of your inspiration, please allow the painting process to unfold. Learn more about how that works here.

Please note that custom painting deposits are not refundable and will be applied to the final cost of your piece.

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