Color is the alphabet

of a language apart from any other form of communication we employ.


Like all of the ways art manifests in our world, color offers us a unique way of expressing ourselves, of finding each other, of reaching balance and equilibrium in our otherwise unbalanced world.

I don’t plan any of the works you see here. My paintings are experiences that hold tension for me, where color (and shape) slowly build on each other to create puzzles, which I then solve and dissolve into a finished piece.

I’m the master of my tools, to a degree, only because I’m holding them in my hands - but the paint and watercolors and ink and pastels are organic forms of their own expression and they will ultimately do as they please.


You can say a lot with texture.

Every line and every brush stroke is a feeling, or a thought, or a breath. Most of my art is spontaneous in that way - living and breathing along with me, but I also work on commissions from time to time, weaving a moment someone else holds dear into a painting.

Finding a painting that converses with you is very much like the joy of picking up little found treasures along the beach, and I know this intimately from my own addiction to collecting  tumbled glass and stones near the ocean or in rivers.


Mood is kind of a mystery.

Each time I look at my small collection of tumbled trash gems I’m reveling in that initial moment of finding: Surprised. Delighted. Slowed.

I work to fill my life with that feeling, and I hope my paintings inspire the same within you.

My hope is that the result of my play with color and shape will give you pause and make you smile for a moment. That it stops you from thinking too much about life’s many distractions.


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We love abstract art because it captures what cannot be said with words.